Alexis Rivera: Making her way in the world today

Alexis Rivera standing on the balcony of the Mike Ilitch School of Business

First Generation College Celebration

Being a first-generation college student means learning to take a lot of first steps on your own for not only yourself, but also for your family. I come from a family of migrant workers that had to sacrifice their education to provide the necessities. My family instilled in me the importance and beauty of education and hard work from an early age, which helped me greatly as I blindly embarked on my higher education journey. From trying to figure out the FAFSA and learning how to even apply to college, to navigating university life and enduring long nights of studying, my experience has been far from easy. But with a great support system of advisors, professors and friends that have become family, I have turned dreams into a reality for myself and my family, all while learning to be #WarriorStrong along the way. I have paved the way for future generations in my family and community. I’m proud to be a first-generation Latina college student — and I’m proud to be a Wayne State Warrior.



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