How to overcome the mid-semester slump

We all start the semester with a 4.0 in mind, but assignments, papers and exams can quickly pile up and make us feel overwhelmed. Don’t let this mid-semester slump hold you back from achieving your goals — use these tips to stay #WarriorStrong through the semester.

Take care of yourself

The first step to putting your best foot forward is to make sure that you are healthy. Use the Campus Health Center if you are feeling under the weather. 

Remember that mental health plays a huge role in your overall success, too. Visit Counseling and Psychological Services for personal counseling, group therapy, crisis intervention and much more.

Strive for excellence

Wayne State has a variety of resources to help you stay focused and understand your studies. The Mathematics Resource Center offers support for all of your math needs, while the Academic Success Center in the David Adamany Undergraduate Library provides everything from from peer-assisted learning to student success workshops.

Work as a team

Take advantage of the network around you. Start a study group with some of your classmates for a more social way of learning the material from the classroom. You might even pick up some new studying techniques from your peers! 

Additionally, be sure to visit your professors during office hours. You’ll not only have a better chance of understanding the material you’re learning in class, but you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with your professors and get their real-world insight on the industry you’re pursuing. 

Remember: You don’t have to do it all on your own! 

Have fun

Give your brain a study break by joining in some of the fun on campus and throughout our beautiful city. Attend one of the free fitness classes the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center offers to get your blood flowing. And be sure to check out Get Involved each week to stay on top of what’s happening on and off campus!

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